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Well i have finally decided to start a colab channel iots a bit of an experiment. I would love to have hosts that are interested in amking videos and like minded people getting along and share there ideas on topics. i used to be part of an amazing group called the womnes circle of love but

Hi again

Okay so it has been a while since i last posted a bolg so i think i am going to have a bit to say. Work has been a total night mare i never seem to have any time for anything any more as i am constantly doing 12 hour shifts and then getting called in again night mare or what .

Any way on a spiritual note for a while i was feeling very disconnected from my path which has scared me more than anything and i think this was because i had never felt like this before and i never thought i would. I have managed to pull my self through it and i have been doing more meditation before i go to bed i find this is helping me with dream work i.e. Helping me have more vivid dreams and allowing me to remember what they were about. 

So my plans now are to work on my spiritual path which means making more time for me and not allow my work life take over my own life.

Blessed Be every one


Hey everyone its Vicki here I thought I would post a little blog as I am not feeling very well today. Any way I am back on my wiccan path now I have decided to started doing my daily prays again to Hecate again as I have been really slack on things and I am feeling quite bad about it and it was getting me down, like I said in my last blog I had felt disconnected to Wicca but like I said I finally feel better about things. Here is a list of things I have decided to do.

  • ·         Daily prayers.
  • ·         Daily offerings.
  • ·         Meditation
  • ·         Work on my BOS

There are many more things I will be doing as well I just hope I never feel disconnected again as it was the worst feeling I have ever had.



It’s been a while

It’s been a long time since I wrote here. I have had a few busy weeks with work and going on holiday ad getting my new kitten bolt.
I also went through a strange time were I felt disconnected to my path which was a hard time for me. But I think I finally feel connected again. So that was just bride talk for you all but I will do more blogs soon even tho I know no one reads them.

The golf

Okay this blog is usually about Wicca and stuff like that’s but today want to talk about sun burn

Feeling better

Okay so my eyes are getting better still have to wear my glasses but at least I can see now. 😄 so this means I am going to start weaving magick and the first thing I want to do is a knot spell to solves some problems in work so I will be doing that tonight.


Hey every one ho[e you are all doing well. So it was the summer solcitis this week sorry if my spelling is bad. I hope you all had a good time celebraing. I wish i did  i spent my litha at tthe hospital as my eye swelled up and was red and i coould not see, this stopping me do my ritual and spell if you have seen my youtube channel i did say i was going to do a soell for work but that never worked out and now i am feeling quite guilty that i never got to properly celerbrate :-(

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My work

I love my job but how is it possible that one person has ruined it by being totally two faced. I mean come on you tell me one thing then do something else your f**ked up. For a women of her age to be playing silly little games, like you would see between 10 yr olds come on and grow up. I just hope everything you have done backfires on you.

Just me rambeling

I write on her for my self as i have now one following my blog at this current point in time. But i just want to tell some one how i feel. I wish people would stop judging the book by the cover i find it the most anouying thing in the world.

I may sound like a hipocrit but we all do it, for example we go into a shop and see two boxes of cereal both saying corn flaks but one is an expeneive well known brand and the other is the stores cheaper own brand, and you will garente most people will go for the box of cereal that is more expensive  and a well known brand. Whne asked why they will say because it tast better, you would then ask them have you tastec it i would grante that they would say that they had not tasted it.

 Its like people you see me walking down the street and you talk to me and get to now me and we meet up again, but the next time we meet i am wearing my pentical neclace  but this time you take one look at the necklace and treat me totaly diffrent. What i am trying to say is people see one thing they dont or the something that doestn conform to their way of thinking they run away or their attitude changes towards you or the things.

Sorry for the rambeling i really needed to get this of my chest it has really been bugging me for a few days now i have seen this happen to so many people.